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“Hi Gary. Love your show and thanks for taking my question. He spent the night in the hospital due to his injuries. My dad asked me “Do I Need A Lawyer?” I told him “yes.” What do you think?”

You are correct! I would highly recommend that you have your dad contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, not ALL of them perform that way ALL of the time.

So getting back to your question:

Let me give you an example:

Federal regulations only require the truck driver’s to keep these logs for six months unless an attorney takes action to secure them.
So if we are hired, we immediately send the trucking company and their insurance company a letter telling them they can’t destroy the driver’s logs as this is important evidence for our client’s claim.
Now let me give you some other factors we investigate when taking on the trucking companies.
We look to see how well the tractor and the trailer are maintained.
Federal law requires these companies to keep their equipment in proper working order AND to keep records regarding this maintenance.
When these trucks and the trailers they pull are properly maintained, it helps prevent brake failures and tire blowouts.
Keep in mind: in order to drive these big trucks, the drivers must have a commercial driver’s license.
Plus these trucking companies must use strict standards when they hire these truck drivers.

Now I am a big advocate of defensive driving, so let me give you some tips to try and prevent injuries on the highway and avoid these accidents altogether.
(1) Drive with caution around trucks on the road.
Remember they cannot stop on a dime so don’t pull in front of one and assume they can safely stop in time.
(2) Stay visible to the truck driver.
If you can’t see the driver’s mirrors, chances are he can’t see you.
(3) Pay attention to the trucks turn signals and don’t travel for long periods of time next to a tractor trailer.

Call a lawyer. If not us, please call a lawyer that has experience handling tractor trailer claims. It is a BAD idea to try and take on the trucking company, their insurance company, and their lawyers by yourself.

The consultation is FREE and completely confidential.
And I encourage you – if you don’t call us, please call someone to help you with your claim.

So give us a call right now. (770) 934-8000.
And stay tuned for more of “Do I Need A Lawyer”. We’ll be right back.

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