Seaward crews often sustain injuries working at sea. A recent study detailed how common offshore injuries can be on small vessels. The survey found that the three most common injuries are leg contusions, hand lacerations and arm contusions. Similar injuries can also occur on larger vessels working offshore.

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Knowing what to do after an offshore accident can be confusing. Here’s a suggested checklist of what to do after your offshore accident.

. Make sure everyone’s safe. If an offshore accident has occurred, make sure everyone else is safe. Accidents at sea can often result in multiple injuries.

. Seek medical attention. Even if you don’t think you’re seriously injured, consult a doctor. Let the experts decide the severity of your injury. And remember: you get to choose your doctor. The Jones Act clearly states you have the right to select your doctor. It’s your right!

. Report your accident. Accidents at sea can turn extremely dangerous very fast. Even if your injuries don’t appear life threatening, waiting to report your accident may cost you precious minutes. Contact your supervisor and the proper government authorities immediately.

. Document your accident. Take down as much information as possible. Write down exactly when and where the accident took place. Get statements from witnesses. Take pictures or video of accident scene.

. Recover fully. Don’t rush returning to work. If you sustained a serious offshore injury, you need time to fully recover. Let your doctor decide when you’re ready to return to work, not your employer.

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