A common question of a client’s is what is my case worth?

In our firm we review several factors to determine the value of your case. Including liability and causation, how strong is your case, how serious and permanent is the injury, can you recover for past and future medical bills. Pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life are other elements of damages.

Are your activities limited? Are you disabled? Is their disfigurement? Medical opinion is crucial here. Have you lost household services? Have you had to hire someone around the house to do the work that you or your spouse used to perform? These factors and many others determine the value of your case.

The ability to project out future healthcare costs and a healthcare plan have allowed our attorneys to obtain six and seven figure recoveries for our clients. Call the Law Offices of James Morris for a free consultation an auto accident lawyer in buffalo. I would be pleased to tell you my opinion of the value of your case. (less info)

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