With an another winter coming to an completion, drivers no longer have to worry about an auto calamity due to ice or slush. Though storms, sleet storms and ice storms can lead to significant car accidents, statistically the most alarming chance for drivers is not in the halfway point of January. If You’ve been harmed you need to contact a new york auto accident attorney

The most dangerous month for drivers is August, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The agency reported that 3,612 car accidents occurred nationally in August 2008, compared to 2,818 in January 2008.

A car accident attorney tends to get calls from potential clients who have been injured due to someone else’s recklessness or negligence during the summer months. The insurance company representatives may try to reduce compensation for an accident claim submitted during the summer months, but an experienced car accident lawyer can examine all of the factors that may have led to the wreck.

Generally, more people drive during the summer months. By comparison, people tend to stay home during poor weather conditions in the winter. There are more drivers on the road in August than there are in January, and a percentage of the motorists are drunk drivers or distracted drivers. They may be sending text messages or talking on a cell phone, or engaged in other types of risky driving behavior.

A car accident attorney who has years of experience understands how to pursue compensation for clients who have been injured in summertime accidents. The snow and ice may have melted away, but the threat of accidents will still face drivers taking to the roads.

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