A person Can’t Fake these types of car accident images

Big Rig pickup truck vs motel everyone stayed alive. The pickup truck drivers lost control of the vehicle plus actually landed at least 10 ft ahead of smashing right into a resort. The truck crashed into two hotel rooms one on the first floor and the other on the second floor. The family staying in first floor room where the truck crashed into the building was at breakfast at the time of the accident. The driver had to be cut from the truck and was transported to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Truck Flipped On A road crashing into motel

These are a few strange car and pick up truck accident pictures I came accross. As much as I understand everybody was safe but daily life is odder versus fiction

Crazy Truck Crash

If you reach 10,000 bottles of beer in the famous drinking song then you have incredible endurance, but if anything happens to those bottles along the way
then you will be in big trouble. See how much trouble these thousands of beer bottles caused.
Odd Truck Accident 13

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A guy got into a terrible accident on his Kawasaki motorcycle. There isn’t a piece left that is big enough to put in a breadbasket. The amazing part is
that the driver walked away from it almost unscathed. The person was very lucky, indeed.

Motorcycle Accident 145

Motorcycle Accident 12

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