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An Inside View of the Veterans Benefits Claims Process

After ten years of the United States’ military engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan, most Americans have heard about the types of wounds that Veterans are facing-and surviving-with head injuries being the most common. What most people don’t know about is the staggering number of injuries that are taking place.

The Congressional Research Service, a branch of the Federation of American Scientists, issued a report in September 2010, stating that, as of that month, Operations New Dawn, Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom had resulted in a total of 178,000 brain injuries, 87,000 cases of PTSD and 1,600 amputations. See: Veterans Disability Attorney

While modern medical technology is saving more lives than ever before in military history, the result is that our men and women who serve overseas are often left with debilitating, if not lifetime, health problems. In addition to the physical and emotional burdens they must carry, returning Veterans frequently find themselves shocked by the financial impact of recovery. In many cases, the veterans may need an advocate, such as a veterans benefits lawyer, to help them pursue the compensation and benefits they deserve.

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