The United States Senate has built into its version of the federal transportation bill $24 million in extra funding for research on alcohol-sensing technology that could be installed in vehicles. Along with seat belt alarms, perpetual running lights on the floors and the serene guidance of GPS units, this new concept would detect boozy breath in drivers and prevent them from being able to start the car.

As opposed to the interlock device, which functions much like a breathalyzer test and is installed in the cars of some drivers with DUI convictions, these new technologies would be far less intrusive, if not subliminal, and could eventually end up in every car. Not surprisingly, there are many conflicting opinions on the topic, from car manufacturers to restaurant owners to those who have suffered traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and broken bones in drunk driver car accidents.

Dallas Texas personal injury lawyer David Glenn, of Glenn Law Firm, sees the anguish drunk driving accidents in Texas cause and applauds any technology that can help save lives, while still appreciating the complexity of the issue. “Of all the types of accidents that cause catastrophic injury,” he attests, “drunk driving accidents may be the most devastating and disturbing for families. There’s no excuse for a drunk driver whose negligent actions cause serious injuries or lead to the loss of life.”

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