Legislation recently introduced by several Michigan Senators has outraged parents of children who are alleged to have been injured by Dearborn neurologist, Dr. Yasser Awaad. Mothers, fathers and attorneys alike are worried that the bill will make it easy for doctors to get away with medical malpractice injuries, as it limits physician liability for damages. Any parent with a child injured by medical malpractice-whether birth injuries, failure to diagnose and properly treat medical emergencies, surgical mistakes or errors with medication or treatment-trusts that the law will protect their ability to seek compensation. However, there are many reasons a parent may have to file a Michigan medical malpractice lawsuit.

In the case of Dr. Awaad, hundreds of parents have accused him of misdiagnosing their children with a serious medical condition, epilepsy, and prescribing dangerous medications. A WXYZ Action News story interviewed some of the parents who believe that Dr. Awaad made an incorrect medical diagnosis and mistakenly gave their child dangerous drugs.

For Detroit, Michigan personal injury lawyers, Goodman Acker, medical malpractice cases in Michigan require constant awareness of any new laws pertaining to doctor negligence and injured medical patients. They know that the rights of kids injured by Doctor Awaad could be jeopardized if this medical malpractice legislation passes.

According to the WXYZ report, Marie Woolen is one of many parents who believe the heavy medication their kids were prescribed caused physical and psychological damage. “It’s been devastating,” said Woolen of her son’s situation. “My hopes and dreams have been shattered. He can’t be a doctor, he can’t be a lawyer.his memory is completely distorted.”

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