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Hi Gary. I had a replacement hip surgery about 3 years ago. Immediately after the surgery everything seemed to be ok so I thought the results were fine. Recently I have been having pain and swelling in my hip. There is also this weird, squeaky noise every once in a while. I have seen on the news where some hip implants were being recalled because people were having problems with them. Do you think I need a lawyer in case my hip replacement was one of the recalled hips? – Donna in Marietta
Donna – thanks for the question. I’m sorry to hear about the problems you are experiencing now from your hip implant. I would encourage anyone that is having complications from any surgery – whatever the reason for the surgery – to get in to see the doctor as soon as possible. This goes well beyond whether or not you have a legal claim for your injuries and complications.
Now let’s address the potential legal issues here.
In the last few years, there have been hip implants recalled by various medical device companies.
The two biggest recalls garnering the most media attention were:

The specific hips recalled were the DePuy ASR and some DePuy Pinnacle models.

On Nov. 19, 2013, Johnson & Johnson & its DePuy subsidiary announced that they will pay at least $2.5 Billion dollars to settle thousands of individual lawsuits.

The hips being recalled are the Stryker Rejuvenate Modular and the ABG II Modular Neck Hip Stems.

Some of the problems associated with the Stryker hip implants include:
. Pain
. Repeated dislocations

. Revisionary surgery
These implants may also cause a potentially very serious health condition called Metallosis.
Here are just a few of the health issues people can experience from metallosis:

. Neurological issues
. Cardiovascular problems

. Thyroid problems
. Gastrointestinal disorders

(1) The voluntary recall followed the discovery that the devices are prone to “fret and corrode”

Well how do you know if you have hip that has been recalled?

Hip Replacement Surgery – Georgia Attorneys

In the US, medical device companies don’t necessarily keep a record of all the people that have received their products. On the other hand, many surgeons, who do keep records, should contact their patients that they know received a Stryker hip implant.

Here are 4 things you can do right now:

Keep a record of your treatment and all of the problems you have experienced from the hip implant.

(3) Gather your records and keep track of all of your expenses.

There is not an unlimited amount of time to present your claim. If you don’t act quickly, it could be barred by law.

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