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What to do if you are Hurt in a Car wreck

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“Hi Gary –
This is different kind of question and I hope you can help. Our daughter just turned 16 and recently passed her driving test to get her license. I really want to be proactive in working with her on various things about the car. I’ve taught her how to check the oil level in the car, check the tire pressure, and she even knows how to change a tire if she were to ever get a flat.

Thank you! -Rodney in Union City
Rodney – thanks for the question and that is a great one!
First of all, let me commend you for being so proactive in working with your daughter.

* In the U.S., the risk of a teen driver between the ages of 16-19 being involved in a car wreck is 4 times higher than that for older drivers.

* 28 will be involved in accidents.

* 1 will be killed in a car crash.
And let me share with you a study on drivers’ education that was conducted by George Mason University in Virginia. This may give us a little clarity on why teenagers may be more likely to be involved in accidents when they get behind the wheel.
* “Teens, on their part, view driving as a right rather than a privilege. Overwhelmingly, study participants cited teen drivers’ inexperience as well as their feeling of invincibility and willingness to take risks as contributing factors in unsafe driving behaviors. Participants also noted that teen drivers are easily distracted and lack the skills and judgment necessary to recover from unexpected incidents. ”
* This same study concluded that parental involvement was the most important factor in teaching teens safe driving habits and behaviors.
We, as parents, can’t rely on the traditional driver’s education programs at school to adequately prepare our teens to get behind the wheel.
There was a report that came out in September 2006 by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety that discussed the drivers’ education programs in schools. The report suggested that the education does not adequately make our students safer drivers. The way for us to lower the risks of teens being involved in crashes is to:

* If someone is injured, call 911 immediately!
* ALWAYS call the police to come to the scene to complete an incident report. The investigating officer will help document the scene of the wreck, gather the facts, interview witnesses, and prepare a report. If you don’t do this, it could be your word against the other driver.
* Exchange information with every person involved in the wreck, including:

-License plate
-Insurance information
* Also get the same identifying information for any witnesses.
* If you have a smart phone or camera, take pictures at the scene if possible.
Include property damage to all cars, and any debris in the road at the scene.
* Report the wreck to your insurance company – even if you were not at fault. This is especially important if it appears the other driver did not have insurance.

* Don’t accept blame for the wreck unless you have an opportunity to discuss the facts of the wreck with your attorney.
* Don’t talk with the insurance company – or sign any papers with the insurance company – until you have a chance to discuss it with your lawyer.

You really need to the extent and severity of your injuries before you ever consider settling your claim.

They dangle a quick offer in front of you and encourage you to settle.

You take the quick money and sign the release.

Your medical bills quickly pile up and are far more than what the insurance company gave you in that quick settlement.

If your case is settled, you are out of luck! Case closed. No more money – and it doesn’t matter how bad your injuries turn out to be or how much your medical bills are.
And insurance companies are getting away with this tactic every day.
* Don’t Wait!
If you are hurt in a car wreck, call a lawyer right away!

If you have been hurt in a wreck and you don’t hire an attorney, you are letting the insurance company hang onto YOUR money. Plain and simple.

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