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My dad was driving on the interstate and a guy driving a tractor trailer

It spun his car around and he crashed into the median.
He spent the night in the hospital due to his injuries.
My dad asked me “Do I Need A Lawyer?”
I told him “yes.” What do you think?”
You are correct! I would highly recommend that you have your dad contact a lawyer as soon as possible.
And I’ll talk about car wrecks involving tractor trailers in just a moment.

Most are very conscientious professionals.
They are careful about how they drive their rigs.
And they make sure that the tractors they are operating and the trailers they are pulling are in the safest condition.

“40 Tons of Death on Wheels.”
And for good reason . . .

Do I need an Attorney – Commercial Truck Crash in Georgia

A typical, fully loaded large commercial truck can weigh over 80,000 pounds while an average passenger automobile weighs approximately 3,000 pounds. If you don’t act quickly, the evidence against the truck driver or the trucking company could be lost.

Let me give you an example:

This log reflects when they start their day, all stops along the way, and certifies that they have inspected their vehicles.
These logs can also be used as evidence that the driver was speeding between his last stop and where the wreck occurred,

Federal law requires these companies to keep their equipment in proper working order AND to keep records regarding this maintenance.
When these trucks and the trailers they pull are properly maintained, it helps prevent brake failures and tire blowouts.
Keep in mind: in order to drive these big trucks, the drivers must have a commercial driver’s license.
Plus these trucking companies must use strict standards when they hire these truck drivers.
They must continue to supervise the drivers too to make sure they are not operating their rigs in an unsafe manner.
Now I am a big advocate of defensive driving, so let me give you some tips to try and prevent injuries on the highway and avoid these accidents altogether.

(3) Pay attention to the trucks turn signals and don’t travel for long periods of time next to a tractor trailer.
If you or a family member is involved in a tractor trailer wreck, the single most important piece of advice I can give you is this:
Call a lawyer. If not us, please call a lawyer that has experience handling tractor trailer claims.

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