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The Supreme Court addressed an interesting question about Social Security Disability survivor benefits for children conceived by in-vitro fertilization after their father’s death. The justices ruled unanimously that children conceived in such a manner are not automatically entitled to Social Security survivor insurance benefits.

As Social Security Disability lawyers in Oklahoma, we represent people in need of benefits, which may include children who have lost a parent and are facing hardships. The high court ruled that Congress intended the benefit not to assist “needy persons” in general, but for the more specific purpose of alleviating a family’s hardship upon a breadwinner’s death, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal.

The case before the court centered around a Florida man who died 18 months before twin children were born through in-vitro fertilization. Under Florida state law, the children were not considered his heirs.

The twins, however, may have qualified for benefits if they resided in a different state. States have different inheritance laws. For example, Louisiana recognizes children born up to three years after their father’s death, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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