A new study finds that women are more likely than men to be injured in a car accident. According to the report, females face a greater risk of car accident injury possibly because cars lack safety features tailored to women.

The study, published in the American Journal of Public Health (AJPH), relied on national traffic accident statistics from 1998 to 2008. Women are not necessarily in more auto accidents, but the design of safety devices like seatbelts and airbags may provide greater protection for men due to their larger size and their preferred seating position, according to the results. The report found that female drivers wearing seatbelts were more likely to be injured and sustained more chest and spin injuries than men wearing seatbelts in similar crashes. See : bakersfield personal injury lawyer

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According to the study, women face “a higher risk of lower extreme injuries . as a result of their relatively smaller stature, preferred seating posture and a combination of these factors.” Women drivers using a seatbelt were 47 percent more likely to be injured than a belted male driver in a comparable crash.

While the study is pretty scary for women, the best thing you can do is to pick a car best suited for you. Some cars are a better fit for smaller drivers. Also, sit a safe distance from the air bag, which can cause harm to drivers who are not at least 10 inches away from point where it deploys. Make sure the seatbelt fits comfortably and securely. Make any adjustments if necessary.

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