Imagine your typical trip to the grocery store, to a restaurant, or to work. You might picture getting in your car and driving along a familiar road. Whether it takes a few minutes or an hour, you eventually get to where you need to be.

It’s likely you did not imagine that a serious car accident was part of the typical trip. Most people think that car accidents are misfortunes that happen to other people.
However, a car accident might be more likely than you imagine. In fact, a statistics professor recently examined the question: What are the odds of getting into a car accident in the next year, regardless of your behavior? The answer: 1 in 16.

Avoid distractions, risky behavior

If you engage in risky driving behavior, such as drinking and driving, using your cell phone or speeding, you may have an even greater chance of getting in a car accident.
If you are in an accident, what do you do next? Your first priority should be making sure that anyone injured gets prompt medical attention. Call 911 immediately. It’s also important to remember to protect your legal rights.
Steps to take after a Philadelphia car accident
The Philadelphia lawyers at Flager & Yockey have decades of experience handling all types of car accidents. Flager & Yockey, P.C., which handles cases in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, offered the following advice on what to do after a car accident:

Call the police and let them know if anyone is injured.

Collect contact information from those involved in the accident, including passengers, pedestrians and any possible witnesses.

Write down details about the accident, including the time and date, weather conditions and any statements from witnesses or other drivers or passengers.
Take photos of the accident scene.

Don’t say “I’m sorry, it was my fault” or make any other statements that can be used against you. Investigators can determine who is to blame.

Go to a doctor if you are injured, even if you feel it’s only a minor injury.
Promptly contact an experienced personal injury lawyer who can advise you of your legal rights.

In using common sense and avoiding distractions, you can reduce your risks of being one of the estimated 18.6 million people involved in a car accident each year. Sometimes, however, even the most cautious driver will get rear-ended, side-swiped or hit head-on due to another driver’s negligent behavior.