Snowmobile Accidents Cause Injury, Death, Lawsuits

Maybe it’s because snowmobiles are also known as recreational vehicles. Whatever the reason, lots of snowmobile operators don’t take their responsibilities seriously whenever they mount their sleds to go for a ride, leading too frequently to serious injuries, fatalities and accident lawsuits in Maine courts over their reckless behavior.

Experienced accident lawyers say they see many parallels between snowmobile accidents on the state’s 13,000 miles of signed trails and highway crashes involving automobiles, trucks, motorcycles among other vehicles.

Among the most common factors in various motor vehicle accident lawsuits is a driver’s unreasonable rate of speed. Just like with a lot of motorcyclists, many Maine snowmobile drivers feel they must feed their “need for speed” See : accident lawyers – the sensation of that wind whipping over their bodies. However, the circumstances of riding a snowmobile – speeding along a slippery surface of snow or ice with limited braking ability – call for extreme caution. The failure to use common sense and exercise defensive driving skills can change even a routine ride on the trails into a high-speed trip to a court date with a Maine snowmobile accident attorney.

Similarly, Maine snowmobile accident lawsuits often follow crashes involving a drunk driver whose careless behavior is the cause of life-changing injuries or fatalities. The blood-alcohol limit of a snowmobile driver, like other motorists, is .08. Within the carefree world of snowmobiling, a lot of people are members of clubs that organize group trips with rest stops at local bars. A beverage or two at every stop impairs judgment and slows the reaction time of even experienced snowmobile operators. Riding in a group with riders who drink also poses dangers, including boosting the chance of colliding with another impaired driver and raising the odds of injuries while getting caught up in mimicking their high-speed, careless behavior.

Just one more danger cited by Maine accident lawyers is the fact that consuming alcohol accelerates a lowering of the body’s temperature. Along with the frigid outdoor environment, the operator runs the possible risk of hypothermia, which also impairs a driver’s judgment.

Poor judgment extends beyond driving behavior, Maine snowmobile accident attorneys note. Every winter, lives are lost and snowmobile accident lawsuits are filed when operators foolishly ignore the risks of traveling across ice. The thickness and strength of ice will vary widely on rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. Snow often serves as a blanket that prevents the formation of thick, strong ice. Even a well-worn trail across water can create the misguided impression of safety if previous travelers have weakened the ice.

A Maine snowmobile accident lawyer is aware that responsible operators can have the ability to protect themselves, their passengers and innocent bystanders by adhering to a few simple rules. Safety equipment, including a helmet with a visor or a set of protective goggles, as well as layers of water-repellent clothing, is important. Carry a first-aid kid including a flashlight, knife, compass, map and waterproof matches.

And do not, Maine attorneys say, travel alone. Few things are more dangerous to the life and safety of a snowmobiler than being injured without fellow riders around to provide or seek medical assistance.

When someone injured or lost a loved one as a result of snowmobile driver who ignores good judgment when operating a 500-pound machine, they should look for a Maine snowmobile accident lawyer who possesses experience in protecting their legal rights and pursuing fair financial compensation.

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