Even during tough economic times, some people continue to take pleasure in life’s adventures. For many folks in Massachusetts, this means taking to the open road on a motorcycle.

A new study by the consumer research firm Scarborough, which examines the spending habits of the baby boomer generation, finds that 7 percent of boomers live in a household with a motorcycle.

With many baby boomers now reaching retirement age and having more leisure time on their hands, drivers may notice older motorcycle riders on the roads in the Bay State. Unfortunately, this also means there will be more accidents involving motorcycles. The motorcycle accident attorneys in Burlington at the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone have seen first-hand how a serious injury can lead to significant financial losses.

Our Springfield motorcycle accident lawyers also have seen how an injury victim can be treated unfairly. Some people who have never been on a motorcycle might assume that all riders are careless and reckless. They might assume the average motorcycle rider is a young daredevil who commonly speeds down a highway.

The Scarborough study suggests otherwise. Researchers define baby boomers as people who are between 45 and 64 years old. With 7 percent of them living in a household with a motorcycle, clearly many riders are not young speed demons.

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